hello, darlings

I’m pretty much positive that my belief that I’m actually learning Icelandic is very, very wrong, and I’m going to get there and I’m just going to sound like the Sweedish Chef. Continue reading

Sojourner’s Song

The note said, “Here is the road you must take. Be joyful and at peace.” This journey I am on is not about me. It is me. Continue reading

word. to your mother

…pushing the snooze button and begging time to mysteriously stand still for just a few more minutes. It hasn’t happened yet…. Continue reading


This was originally posted on my Word Laboratory™ Blog, but today during an interview for my book, I referenced this story,  (I’ll tell you about that later) and in light of my book Broken As I Am being in production, … Continue reading

the one that got away

It was driving out to the farm one winter morning and came upon a young girl, maybe eleven or twelve, waiting for her bus. Some of the other local kids were waiting for their bus, as well, the same bus, I assumed, but the girl stood off on the other side of a driveway. For some reason, I got the feeling that the separation was of her own choosing. For a brief moment, our eyes met, and she waved at me.

In that moment, this story started to come to life. Continue reading


What’s amazing to me, as I sit here with the scent of spring winding through my window, all manner of writing and artwork around me, the sound of the Quinte Symphony wrapping my day in wonder, is that not only did God create me to do all the great things he has for me to do, but also, he created me to create. Continue reading