…I wanted to tell her that investing in popularity carries with it the same amount of safety and stability as investing one’s life’s savings on the stock market. Highs and highs and devastating losses. Continue reading

Hey, Ladies…

I’m in this amazing time of life where somehow, I’m completely surrounded by women. Incredible women who inspire me to press on into life and who allow me to inspire them, in return. Here is an exceptionally long post in which I try to honour them. Continue reading

my life as a farm truck

I have been a lot of vehicles in my lifetime. I was, back in the 80s when all things of goodness and wonder existed, a lot shinier. My tires were firm, my paint job was fresh and untouched by winter. … Continue reading

no rain

It’s been very dry here. The land looks wasted and exhausted from heat. Our river is naked, each crack of rock and slice of earth exposed in nakedness. Daily its waters waste away—desperately carted by bucket to the horses, the … Continue reading


For many years, my heart was tightly wound up with that of a dear friend of mine. There were three of us, really—four when you add her husband to the mix (but he doesn’t get to be in the picture…). … Continue reading

hey, look, a shiny thing!

So this morning, everyone was away, and I was taking a break from not thinking. I decided I’d challenge myself to a game of pool. It was quite a heated game, but I won the hat. Continue reading

Everybody Hurts

Sexual abuse and tampering has a lasting affect on every victim. In my opinion, how that plays itself out in the masculine world is often much, much more silently poisonous than in the lives of women. Our society seems to have a better openness or understanding of how to deal with sexual violence and damage in its female populace far more than it does that of their male counterparts. Continue reading

how to save a life

Here is what your signs, your piercing eyes, your shouting at me “Don’t turn your head from this child!” has done: You have ripped scabs off of wounds in my heart that have taken almost twenty years to heal. You have shaken me to the core of a sorrow that you clearly do not understand—if you did, you would not be parading along the street in your cloak of self-appointed righteousness. Continue reading


Summer’s approaching, and with it, such great things as days spent in the sun, midnight jaunts to the beach and long, lazy evenings on my deck.

I’m looking very forward to summer, as it carries in its freedom song the great promise of everything fully alive. I love the feel of hot beach sand beneath my back, the sun bright and waves lulling me to sleep. The scent of fresh cut grass is easily among my top five scents (remarkable, I know, as I hate cutting the grass itself) and the taste of popcicles and watermelon.

For years, though, there was one part of summer which I absolutely abhorred. Shorts. I still hate shorts, to be honest, mainly because they feel like fashion that has given up (too lazy to be pants, not committed enough to be a skirt), but one particular issue rose up repeatedly for me where shorts are concerned—my scars. Continue reading

well, lookie here!

Every Thursday, a friend of mine sends me one of those fun internet questionnaires and I answer them, and read her answers in return. Some of the time, I post them on my facebook page or send them along to another friend. It’s kind of silly, kind of fun and kind of a nice distraction from our everyday life stuff.

It’s also how we make ourselves feel kind of fancy, as if we’re celebrities being interviewed. (Yes, we do need to get lives and, also hobbied.)
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