project two sparrows

AND… my giant knife. I’d taken it with me for slicing bread, but realized it was great for scaring perfectly harmless, kind old men who worried about gypsy women camped out in questionable vans. Continue reading

and i don’t wanna miss a thing

I assured them that I’m not a psycho axe murderer, or well, any kind of axe murderer at all.
I think they feel good having that clarified. Continue reading

Sojourner’s Song

The note said, “Here is the road you must take. Be joyful and at peace.” This journey I am on is not about me. It is me. Continue reading

shining down, like water

On Saturday afternoon, I stepped out of a local store and happened to look up to the skies just as the clouds parted, the rain stopped and a beam of light shone down upon my face as softly and sweetly as a lover’s kiss. I closed my eyes and let the warmth of it assure me of future days of summer. For a minute I thought to myself, “Oh, man, this kind of thing only happens in the movies”. But then, I started madly sneezing, and generally looked odd. That doesn’t happen in movies very often. Continue reading