final countdown

And that’s why strangers are dangerous and everyone ended up pregnant and got STDs and on welfare and also, arrested and their lives were awful forever. Continue reading

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

You fall a little bit in love with your child the moment the little life is noted inside you. Continue reading


I can’t even afford botox so I’m gonna have to hit myself just enough to cause slight swelling. Continue reading

It came from the swamp

I once ate a live snail, picked straight from the swamp. We should stop talking about it because now I’ve got that terrible feeling that a snail lives inside me all over again… Continue reading

what is this? some kind of basement time machine?

Where else can you go to play pingpong with Gandalf?
He’s always so cocky with his “you shall not pass”, and then I get all up in his grill, whip around with a spin so fast it causes him to stumble back like the lash of the Balrog and smash the ball past him and say “who’s passing NOW Biatch? Continue reading


This was originally posted on my Word Laboratory™ Blog, but today during an interview for my book, I referenced this story,  (I’ll tell you about that later) and in light of my book Broken As I Am being in production, … Continue reading

read all about it

I have a wonderful memory of sitting on my mother’s knee, her long, dark hair cascading over her shoulder as one of my siblings brushed it out, and reading what I assume, judging from the pictures in my mind, was … Continue reading

pain holds you captive

…there are those who are safe and who listen with open hearts and tender hands. You cannot heal a wound that is gaping wide and covered with infection. Let someone see you. I know. I know it is terrifying. But one day, you will find—if it hasn’t happened already, that it gets harder and harder to get yourself out of those internal fortresses. Continue reading

pain, untended, brings anger

It fills you with rage When someone has taken your power from you, whether that be by rape or abuse or by overturning your hand when you thought that you were in control, there are many, many feelings that tangle … Continue reading

pain makes you dishonest

I believe that there is a God in heaven whose heart not only breaks over the injustice of abuse (whether by another’s hand or our own) but who actively provides the way back to hope. Who offers his hand in pity and protection and, although we do not feel it when the slice of life cuts through our very core, I believe that he is good. Continue reading