da plane, boss!

…I do remember feeling slightly like a bad influence (not the first or last time during our friendship!), but also, the waves of freedom and youth and happiness flowing around us. … Continue reading

she talks to angels

He shared stories of death and the beauty that can come as the last tendrils of life fade out into the skies of loss… Continue reading

Some words…Sunday?

It’s not going to make me appear any more normal, but I woke up out of a dead sleep saying “Just shut your mouth and grab the rope, Bill Cosby!” and for whatever reason, that made me laugh and laugh and laugh. (Note: do not take two-years-expired cold medicine, no matter how badly you want to sleep.) Continue reading

born to be wild

“You are Wild,” said the Wind. “You are untamed; vibrant and wild and alive and dangerous. You are your own kind of beauty, with vibrant colours and deep, dark swatches of reds. You are life and wisdom, foolishness and uncertainty. You are alive and you are hope.” Continue reading

and then, 2013 showed up

so, i haven’t even left my bed yet today, though i’ve read the rest of a terribly overdone novel that i had started last week, and i’ve throughly scoured the internet. i looked at Pinterest and squinted at Facebook a … Continue reading


For many years, my heart was tightly wound up with that of a dear friend of mine. There were three of us, really—four when you add her husband to the mix (but he doesn’t get to be in the picture…). … Continue reading

i want to fly from here

I can look at my scars as a thing of elegance rather than ugliness. They are not signs of where the world has sliced me like cattle at a butcher shop—piece by piece being sold to the highest bidder (the going price was never enough to cover my losses). Continue reading