and i don’t wanna miss a thing

I assured them that I’m not a psycho axe murderer, or well, any kind of axe murderer at all.
I think they feel good having that clarified. Continue reading

hello, darlings

I’m pretty much positive that my belief that I’m actually learning Icelandic is very, very wrong, and I’m going to get there and I’m just going to sound like the Sweedish Chef. Continue reading


I can’t even afford botox so I’m gonna have to hit myself just enough to cause slight swelling. Continue reading

Hey, Ladies…

I’m in this amazing time of life where somehow, I’m completely surrounded by women. Incredible women who inspire me to press on into life and who allow me to inspire them, in return. Here is an exceptionally long post in which I try to honour them. Continue reading

It came from the swamp

I once ate a live snail, picked straight from the swamp. We should stop talking about it because now I’ve got that terrible feeling that a snail lives inside me all over again… Continue reading

little things

On days when my lens is zoomed out, looking forward to a future that is, often, blurry or that seems to hold a lot of Uppercase Responsibilities, I need only to turn around, focus it on the years of memories I have and remember what a delight life has been—sun or shadow, rain or rainbow, ice or snowflake. Continue reading

smokey and the bandit

What with this being my week off and all, I’ve decided that I’ll only post about funny things and generally happy times. Because hey, it’s my holidaze. Last night, we were down at the Pier, having dinner and a really … Continue reading

Well, that was odd

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to step in for the sake of justice. There was that time at the Ghetto Mall when I pursued a hooligan, intent on making a Citizen’s Arrest (it’s a lot harder than you’d think!). There was the time I tried to stop a shop-lifter at Shopper’s Drug Mart. There’s that… well, trust me, there are things that happen out there when you think you’re just nicely shopping, and people like me are undercover, not minding their own business. Continue reading

well, lookie here!

Every Thursday, a friend of mine sends me one of those fun internet questionnaires and I answer them, and read her answers in return. Some of the time, I post them on my facebook page or send them along to another friend. It’s kind of silly, kind of fun and kind of a nice distraction from our everyday life stuff.

It’s also how we make ourselves feel kind of fancy, as if we’re celebrities being interviewed. (Yes, we do need to get lives and, also hobbied.)
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