fools rush in

Once I’d entertained a few interesting scenarios that my imagination conjured up, I sat back with my book, listening to the stranger belt out random lyrics. And it made me smile. Continue reading


I can’t even afford botox so I’m gonna have to hit myself just enough to cause slight swelling. Continue reading

It came from the swamp

I once ate a live snail, picked straight from the swamp. We should stop talking about it because now I’ve got that terrible feeling that a snail lives inside me all over again… Continue reading

and now, LIVE… it’s Friday!

We survived another week of all the shenannigans of our lives over here. Tuesday’s Big Event went off without a hitch. It was a very teen-populated place over here. I’d tell you what it was that they got up to, but then I’d be breaking the first rule of what it is they got up to. (Yes. THAT.) Continue reading

that’s not normal (volume 108)

so now we have a hedgehog.  her name is Marvin. she’s blind in one eye, which kind of creeps me out. i’m not sure what i was thinking when i opted for a hedgehog. maybe Sonic video games did it … Continue reading


Instead of the gas can and the hitchhiking, freedom and independent Betty Boop tattoo, I had what looked like aging alcoholic Betty leaning on an invisible motorcycle. YES—the motorcycle was missing! Continue reading