she talks to angels

He shared stories of death and the beauty that can come as the last tendrils of life fade out into the skies of loss… Continue reading

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

You fall a little bit in love with your child the moment the little life is noted inside you. Continue reading

It came from the swamp

I once ate a live snail, picked straight from the swamp. We should stop talking about it because now I’ve got that terrible feeling that a snail lives inside me all over again… Continue reading

jesus take the… passenger seat

“Are you, by any chance, a psycho axe murderer who is attempting to abduct strangers into your vehicle/who is planning to slice my throat while I drive you to the next mutually-agreeable location?” Continue reading

and then, 2013 showed up

so, i haven’t even left my bed yet today, though i’ve read the rest of a terribly overdone novel that i had started last week, and i’ve throughly scoured the internet. i looked at Pinterest and squinted at Facebook a … Continue reading

dance me to the end of love

He knows me well enough to know that in many cases, I can be tricked into doing something by the mere suggestion that I won’t/can’t do it. This reverse psychology works on me, he swears, because I am Dutch and the Dutch, he tells me, always rise to defend their self-appointed, oft-self-proclaimed awesomeness. While it is true that I have used the word “awesomeness’ with regard to something or another I’ve done, I have, in my defense, never once used the phrase “if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much”. Continue reading

a temporary madness

We talked about how love always trusts—not a blind trust that is foolish and sells out, but a love that trusts that the other person’s heart is for you; that you don’t need to force them to give what they can’t or won’t. Trust that chooses to hold on to the fact that beyond what I might feel what I know of a person’s heart is good Continue reading