Little boy blue and the man in the moon

You fall a little bit in love with your child the moment the little life is noted inside you. Continue reading

sacrifice. a love letter to my son

I never knew that I could be forgiven so much, respected so much, loved or believed in so much.
I never knew that I was capable of such a depth of love. And hope. And certainty. Continue reading

jesus take the… passenger seat

“Are you, by any chance, a psycho axe murderer who is attempting to abduct strangers into your vehicle/who is planning to slice my throat while I drive you to the next mutually-agreeable location?” Continue reading

no rain

It’s been very dry here. The land looks wasted and exhausted from heat. Our river is naked, each crack of rock and slice of earth exposed in nakedness. Daily its waters waste away—desperately carted by bucket to the horses, the … Continue reading


For many years, my heart was tightly wound up with that of a dear friend of mine. There were three of us, really—four when you add her husband to the mix (but he doesn’t get to be in the picture…). … Continue reading

hey, look, a shiny thing!

So this morning, everyone was away, and I was taking a break from not thinking. I decided I’d challenge myself to a game of pool. It was quite a heated game, but I won the hat. Continue reading

oh, just moving mountains

I do not know everything that I need to put in his lifetime backpack. Pay your bills on time. Live within your means. How to find an apartment. Be good to people. Treat girls with great tenderness and respect their strength. Never sell out. Honour yourself. Honour others. Faith. Prayers. Strength of self and character. Laundry/cooking/driving tips. I know those things. Continue reading

those scattered leaves don’t lie

I have faith that with each passing season, I will grow to be more and more the kind of person that I want to be. That I’m called to be. I am eternally grateful for those whose wisdom is greater than my own—who have perhaps seen more winters than I, or whose barometer is more steady, whose eyes are trained to some unseen spot on the horizon, whose interest in the changing seasons of my life is to enjoy them along side me, those who share their harvest in the lean years and allow me to share mine the same. Continue reading