da plane, boss!

…I do remember feeling slightly like a bad influence (not the first or last time during our friendship!), but also, the waves of freedom and youth and happiness flowing around us. … Continue reading

let it snow

wednesday: anyhow then Christmas came and it was busy and lazy and  we had so much fun even though i lost our ping pong championship so very disgracefully (wearing my son’s wifebeater, while Gangnam Style played in the background) but … Continue reading

it’s not happening

If you have been stalked and hunted by memories of a predator, if your hope has been swallowed in years of silent screams, if hope has long ago left your vision, please, please, do not suffer silently.

There are those who will listen. Continue reading


When you are girl who has it etched deep in her heart that she is worth less than a penny, and when life has trampled you too many times to count, you start to live life a little recklessly. You want what everyone else has—the clean. The respectable. The decent. Continue reading

i see dead people

The first time I saw the ghost was on a Sunday night in 2009. She slipped, silently—so painfully silently, into the seat in front of me. She was wearing normal clothes, although they draped over her in such an oversized fashion that it reminded me of an abandoned house I’d once been in where the furniture was covered with faded sheets, hiding what was beneath it. Everything in her posture and behaviour cried out “please, don’t see me”. Continue reading