inspitesale Book One of the Stone Heart Series, this hauntingly beautiful novel follows the journey of a woman daring to face the crippling sorrow of a past filled with childhood sexual abuse. Woven throughout the pages of In Spite of All the Damage is a tale of the strength of hope and the incredible healing power of love.

What do you do, when your entire life is sinking around you?

What if the most destructive force in your life is you? 

And when the running is done, how do you return to the life you’ve capsized?

INSIDE OF ME there is a trapped animal always waiting to run. I try to be someone better—one of the clean girls, the good girls, the strong girls. But then, the other self takes over—she is cold and protective and running for her life. Each time I dare to think that I can live, she reminds me that I am poison. I am stained glass and breaking. I hear the noise of shattering self, and like a damaged-goods-Cinderella, I run.

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Book One—Stone Heart Series

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Book Two of the Stone Heart series, Broken As I Am finds everybody’s favourite bad-boy, Nicholai facing the demons in his own past. Will he be able to untangle the messes he’s made before it’s too late to save those he loves the most?

Georgia If I could find Barbie right now, I swear, I’d rip her scrawny little legs off. Yes, Barbie, the doll. I blame all of this on her. The pink harmony that she promised me with her snazzy Corvette and  all-accessories camper. The perfect outfit. The lack of body hair.

The arched brows. Her happy townhouse… I should have caught on to the impossibility of the whole load of crud she was peddling  when I realized that she doesn’t even fit in her ownhome. What a joke.

• I could lie to you and say that this present scenario  is exactly what I want out of life. But it’s not. It is so, so  not. I keep wanting to try on the words: to see what will happen if I tell someone about it all. But there’s no one  left to tell. I think of running away. I always said I would. Because I’m a coward like that. All I’m saying is that for once in my lIfe, I want to do right by someone who needs me.  Nicholai

Kate Newcomers to those parts are few and  far between—the kind of town where children  never return from college or the city. Where men grow old and chaffed by the wind while women dull and dull until they too are the colour of soil. The rich smell of earth, the constant of evergreen and the repeated washing of cotton. Our arrival was not unnoticed. All that light peeking and shooting out of my broken places. It was bound to attract someone’s attention.

Broken As I Am
Book Two—Stone Heart Series $22.95
(includes tax and shipping to addresses in Canada & the USA)



Buy Both Books for $35. That’s more than $10 in savings!
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