final countdown

And that’s why strangers are dangerous and everyone ended up pregnant and got STDs and on welfare and also, arrested and their lives were awful forever. Continue reading

project two sparrows

AND… my giant knife. I’d taken it with me for slicing bread, but realized it was great for scaring perfectly harmless, kind old men who worried about gypsy women camped out in questionable vans. Continue reading

and i don’t wanna miss a thing

I assured them that I’m not a psycho axe murderer, or well, any kind of axe murderer at all.
I think they feel good having that clarified. Continue reading

Weekly wrap up…

Carry your licence with you at all times, people, because, apparently, showing your iPhone Facebook Profile Pic is not a viable form of identification when stopped by the police. Continue reading

good and safe

I see the thin, glowing line of this season of our lives stretching out. I see a season of so many exciting firsts, and the ache of lasts… Continue reading

word. to your mother

…pushing the snooze button and begging time to mysteriously stand still for just a few more minutes. It hasn’t happened yet…. Continue reading

die with it

I’m still not 100% certain how any of it works, although judging from the injuries coming off the field, I’d say Rugby’s official slogan is: lose your marbles and your fancy man-bits. Continue reading

punch it out

I signed a form which promised me that. It wasn’t “you might, sometime, possibly get a bit hurt”. It was “Lady, you’re going to get fists in your face, your stomach, your arms, your ear, your cute little nose that you love so much, and possibly, even in the fancy girly bits. If you don’t like that, don’t play”. Continue reading