fools rush in

Once I’d entertained a few interesting scenarios that my imagination conjured up, I sat back with my book, listening to the stranger belt out random lyrics. And it made me smile. Continue reading


I can’t even afford botox so I’m gonna have to hit myself just enough to cause slight swelling. Continue reading

read all about it

I have a wonderful memory of sitting on my mother’s knee, her long, dark hair cascading over her shoulder as one of my siblings brushed it out, and reading what I assume, judging from the pictures in my mind, was … Continue reading

pain holds you captive

…there are those who are safe and who listen with open hearts and tender hands. You cannot heal a wound that is gaping wide and covered with infection. Let someone see you. I know. I know it is terrifying. But one day, you will find—if it hasn’t happened already, that it gets harder and harder to get yourself out of those internal fortresses. Continue reading

well, lookie here!

Every Thursday, a friend of mine sends me one of those fun internet questionnaires and I answer them, and read her answers in return. Some of the time, I post them on my facebook page or send them along to another friend. It’s kind of silly, kind of fun and kind of a nice distraction from our everyday life stuff.

It’s also how we make ourselves feel kind of fancy, as if we’re celebrities being interviewed. (Yes, we do need to get lives and, also hobbied.)
Continue reading

in the word laboratory

So, it’s a rainy Monday, I have a big vat of hot coffee, I’m in yoga pants and a giant sweatshirt all Flashdance-y and am hunkering down in my Word Laboratory™. Please pronounce it lab-ohhhh-ra-torrry, because I do, and I think it sounds very mysterious and kind of Mad Scientist and just a wee bit fun, all at once, and that’s pretty much how it goes. Continue reading