project two sparrows

AND… my giant knife. I’d taken it with me for slicing bread, but realized it was great for scaring perfectly harmless, kind old men who worried about gypsy women camped out in questionable vans. Continue reading

and i don’t wanna miss a thing

I assured them that I’m not a psycho axe murderer, or well, any kind of axe murderer at all.
I think they feel good having that clarified. Continue reading

hello, darlings

I’m pretty much positive that my belief that I’m actually learning Icelandic is very, very wrong, and I’m going to get there and I’m just going to sound like the Sweedish Chef. Continue reading

Weekly wrap up…

Carry your licence with you at all times, people, because, apparently, showing your iPhone Facebook Profile Pic is not a viable form of identification when stopped by the police. Continue reading

what my eyes have seen

One of my favourite songs includes the words: My eyes are small but they have seen the beauty of enormous things I am incredibly blessed to be alive and live in a world filled with beauty. Happy Saturday! Images © juliet … Continue reading

what is this? some kind of basement time machine?

Where else can you go to play pingpong with Gandalf?
He’s always so cocky with his “you shall not pass”, and then I get all up in his grill, whip around with a spin so fast it causes him to stumble back like the lash of the Balrog and smash the ball past him and say “who’s passing NOW Biatch? Continue reading

shining down, like water

On Saturday afternoon, I stepped out of a local store and happened to look up to the skies just as the clouds parted, the rain stopped and a beam of light shone down upon my face as softly and sweetly as a lover’s kiss. I closed my eyes and let the warmth of it assure me of future days of summer. For a minute I thought to myself, “Oh, man, this kind of thing only happens in the movies”. But then, I started madly sneezing, and generally looked odd. That doesn’t happen in movies very often. Continue reading

well, lookie here!

Every Thursday, a friend of mine sends me one of those fun internet questionnaires and I answer them, and read her answers in return. Some of the time, I post them on my facebook page or send them along to another friend. It’s kind of silly, kind of fun and kind of a nice distraction from our everyday life stuff.

It’s also how we make ourselves feel kind of fancy, as if we’re celebrities being interviewed. (Yes, we do need to get lives and, also hobbied.)
Continue reading