she talks to angels

He shared stories of death and the beauty that can come as the last tendrils of life fade out into the skies of loss… Continue reading

good and safe

I see the thin, glowing line of this season of our lives stretching out. I see a season of so many exciting firsts, and the ache of lasts… Continue reading

sacrifice. a love letter to my son

I never knew that I could be forgiven so much, respected so much, loved or believed in so much.
I never knew that I was capable of such a depth of love. And hope. And certainty. Continue reading

Sojourner’s Song

The note said, “Here is the road you must take. Be joyful and at peace.” This journey I am on is not about me. It is me. Continue reading

jesus take the… passenger seat

“Are you, by any chance, a psycho axe murderer who is attempting to abduct strangers into your vehicle/who is planning to slice my throat while I drive you to the next mutually-agreeable location?” Continue reading

let it suck … I mean, be

“Does this require some sort of trip to the lady’s aisle?…Some days just suck. You gotta take it like that. You gotta ride it out and then get back to awesome.” Continue reading

enough (i’ve had it)

One recent Sunday, I ran into a couple that I haven’t seen in a while. Things have been a bit strained, somewhat awkward whenever I have seen them, though at one time, we were quite cheerfully connected. Not close, not … Continue reading