just monday…

mondaymondayIt’s Monday. I’ve had a great weekend filled with wandering and laughter and friendship and laziness and football. I’ve got photos uploading to my iPhoto and drinking coffee. My brain’s a bit slow today after a night filled chasing  a cricket, which somehow got into my purse and then proceeded to serenade me all night. By 3am, I’d ransacked much of my room looking for it. The night was a lot like the episode of Friends when Phoebe’s fire alarm went mad.

I’d wanted to work on my book, or something interesting to post here, but instead it’s Quiz Monday. So here goes. Some are questions people have asked me this morning, as I’m sitting at the café, some are random Facebook things I saw posted today.

Who are you texting right now?

James. He’s off to the gym shortly. I think I shall shortly do the same.

Are you cocky?
I am quite confident, but I don’t think I’m cocky. I do have a kind of a strut that emerges in certain situations, such as if, for example, I’ve been losing badly at bowling and then suddenly get a strike. Fortunately, I usually go right back to sucking shortly thereafter, so the strut is short-lived.

Could you live without the computer?
I definitely could. I do enjoy the internet and writing and such, but I’m equally happy with silence and a good book, a walk in the forest or along the waterfront. It would be awful to have to go back to writing longhand, since as the years have passed, my fingers have forgotten how to write legibly, but overall, I’d be okay. The connectivity of computers and the Web and all such things make me glad, but I still do love one-on-one conversations.

How’s your play going?
SO SO SO well. I’m enjoying every second of the experience. I’d missed theatre, and am delighted. I can’t wait to get costumed up and soar through the performances! The rest of the cast are incredibly talented and brilliant. I feel better and wiser and incredibly inspired just being in their midst. Our director is a dream.

Do you wear shoes inside the house?
(This, because I’m prone to being barefoot downtown.) It depends entirely on what I’m wearing. If I’ve been walking around in flip-flops then no—I’ll just take them off. But if I’ve got a skirt on and heels, then yes, I keep them on.

What do you do when you’re sad?
This was asked by an older gentleman I speak to down here. He was sharing the story of lost-love and regret.
My answer—Often, I just let the sad wash over me. It needs to, in order to fully leave. I let the sad come and try not to blame or engage the things that come with it—regret or bitterness. Sadness is, I think, one of the most honest and innocent of feelings. So I try not to let it tangle with passionate feelings like anger or anything sour.
After that, I’ll drive and let the wind and the road allow me to spread myself out a bit. If I can’t sort it out, I’ll eventually find those closest to me and try to untangle it together.

Do you actually have a job?
Blahahaha, this made me so happy. It was asked earlier today by the wildcat girl from down the road.
As a matter of fact, THIS is my job—sitting around in the café and my house, writing down words that eventually become books. (Buy my books, please!)
I’m about to unleash the awesomeness known as The Jules Project, but no more on that until next week.

If all of your friends were going on a road trip, who would most likey overpack?
(This was a Facebook question I saw, so it wasn’t directed at me, particularly.) That would probably be me. Largely, because I never know where I’ll end up, and I know full-well that sometimes, a change of clothes, a board game, a pellet gun and a feather boa are very necessary. I have to stop talking about this, lest I end up a couple of hundred miles away by 3pm.

What is your favourite movie?
(This after a long discussion on whether or not I should start my own web-show.)
I couldn’t choose just one, so I’ll give you the five movies I watch more than once a year, and which come to mind immediately:
Big Fish   Lars and the Real Girl • Mermaids • Crybaby Walker • Mozart and the Whale
I love those movies and always will.  They’re the ones I put in when I’m sick, or when I feel nostalgic or kind of lazy-happy. I just love ’em.

Have you ever been to jail for something you’d never done?
Shiz just got real in the café.
Ummm…. Nope. Neither have I been to jail for something that I actually did. Nor have I committed an offence meriting such.

Have you ever been called fat?
I have. I’m a curvy girl, and so have periodically heard it said. I often have about ten pounds on me that I suppose I could exercise away, but I don’t feel like it. I love my curves and having a bit of koosh on me.

Whats the most crazy trouble you have been in?
Then, there was that time I thought it’d be a good idea to hop about a freight-liner…
I maintain it was a… fun idea, but perhaps, in retrospect, not the best way to travel the world. I didn’t get very far. Just… a bit wet and reminded that I don’t swim well.

What song best describes your life right now?

Without a doubt, this one:

It keeps humming through my mind all day.

Feels like this:
Your heart upon your sleeve.
There’s a place
In time and space
Where we can all be free.

So meet me at the rainbow’s end
We don’t even have to pretend
That we know what it is we’re looking for
We’re looking, for

Life is just a dream
Lucky you,
Lucky lucky me.

Life is just a dream
Lucky you
Lucky lucky me!

Have you found
Higher ground
Or are you lost at sea?
Do you know
Where you go
Is where I want to be…

So cast your troubles into the sky
They can be the stars in our eyes
And we can count them on another day
From far away…

Life is just a dream
Lucky you
Lucky lucky me

Life is just a dream
Lucky lucky me…

I hope your Monday is filled with wonder and delight! I think I shall head home and have something healthy and read a while. Then, whether I like it or not, my closet and room need a bit of straightening, post-cricket encounter.

Be blessed, love one another and have a great week!

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