what’s she doing now?

whatshedoinnowThis week’s been a lot of fun. It really has. Since I’m on my Grand Adventure, I’ve been trying to make each week, each day, better than the last. Friday night, as I lay in bed, I made a decision—for the next seven days, I’d do anything that anyone asked me to do. Rather risky, and it was pretty wise that I didn’t publicize that decision. Trust me, when I, yesterday, told a few of my male friends about it, their eyebrows nearly jumped off the top of their faces. “You haven’t actually said that to men, have you?” was the general concern.

But of course I hadn’t. So all ya’ll can get your minds out of the gutter.

I had a few rules for myself, because some things just always require a “no”. Things like continuing to refuse Candy Crush invitations on Facebook, or requests to help distant princes move their vast fortunes into my bank account. There has to be a “no” button for things like “go steal that guy’s watch…”

Here’s a list of fun things that I got to do:

Drinkin’ whiskey.
That really was quite fun, not because I drank too much (I don’t think I even opened the bottle, to be honest). But fun because I was invited over by someone I rarely get to connect with. I’ve often been too busy to stop for an extended visit, and was so glad to have time with such fun people.

Likewise, I…

Went inside for coffee when invited in by an old friend. I’d intended to just drop someone off there and carry on back in to town, but hooray for me, she asked, and tada! We had a great visit.

Carpool to play rehearsal with an amazing woman. I love every single member of the cast and crew (and the director especially) of the play I’m in, Blithe Spirit, so I was delighted, AM delighted, to share rides with one of my fellow cast mates. She’s brilliant and lovely and such an incredible woman.

Dancin’ around in the almost-tornado with the little girls on the street. I was all jokey about the storm the other night. It truly was a wild storm and tornado warnings were everywhere. I was trying to learn my lines for the following day’s rehearsal, but the storm was more fun. Until I remembered the fact that I had left windows on the van open. Outside of my house, two teen girls were soaked and laughing. One of them said “never mind your windows, DANCE!” so I did. We did. And it was …awesome!

Played MarioCart till I almost puked. I usually shy away from video games that move fast. But my other son said “hey, Dad, wanna play” (see: I’m a Dad) so BAM! Game on. I really sucked. So harsh and always going backward, and the Wii probably hated me. But I didn’t care. It was fun. Then, got myself upright and did it again. My Facebook status said it all: Never done acid but I’m pretty sure an hour of Mario Cart has the same effect on my brain. Laying on the floor, feeling pukey and regretting both the things I said and the fact people saw me like that.
Even so, I played it again. I’ve gotten better and cockier and mostly, less swearingly-er. (And again… and again… by the way, I may need a support group, as I’m now addicted).

Visited a beautiful young mother and her newborn son. This one requires no real elaboration. New babies, people.

Threw a ball. IN THE HOUSE. Technically, I caught it first, since the request was “Quick, catch!”

Attended a poetry reading (and then, as they had asked, shared a poem).
That was Friday night, and was a wonderful, wonderful time. I met some amazing authors and heard some breathtaking poetry.

Painted some shelves at the theatre.
Saying “yes” to that entitled me to spend a morning with the menfolk at the theatre, painting and joking and listening to their stories. I had a lot of fun, got messy and laughed a lot. I also got that great feeling which comes with seeing a task completed.

Picked up some Cops and Robbers. Picked up some football players. Picked up a giant teenaged man.
(Those things, I would have done anyhow, seeing as my son was the ask-er, but they’re always great fun.)

Hugged myself.
This morning, my friend Heather popped that one at me when I told her about what I’d been up to all week.

Painted some walls in a school and stapled together some writing folders.
This one was among my favourite things I’ve done all week. I got to paint a beautiful blue colour, and spend some time with an incredible woman whose love for her students has her in her classroom on a beautiful day, setting things up and making sure each child coming into her room will feel safe, known and excited about learning. I think I want to go back to the fifth grade in the fall!

Painted my fingernails a bright red
BAM do my nails look fancy. So fancy, in act, that they look like they’re dancing on the keyboard. Stay classy, fingers.

Walked a dog at the Humane Society. A Facebook post asked me (well, anyone) to. So I did.
Did not adopt 10 dogs from the Humane Society. My son asked me not to. So I didn’t.

Let Chanel buy my ice cream. Because… yum.

Made Shepherd’s pie and brought James a BBQ chicken. Also, because… yum.

Quit everything I was up to in order to spend an afternoon brainstorming ideas with my pal Nick. Much laughter and mayhem accompanied that decision, but even more so—in that meeting, we talked about some things that I think will have a big impact on my creative ventures going forward.

Listening to an old man’s love story.
This was great fun, as I was working on something else and would have missed him, had he not had the courage to approach me this morning. He told me about falling in love and writing poetry and language barriers and many beautiful things that made me smile.

And lastly, the thing I ALMOST did, but didn’t have to, since Nick knew about the plan I’d made—Go home and watch Netflix with those two dudes. We’d been sitting in the café for a few hours by then, laughing about great schemes we had for getting famous and selling our books, when two odd gents began speaking about what they were going to do later that day. Netflix came up, and … well, I stayed put. But for two or three seconds, I gave serious thought to finding out what would happen if I said “yes”. (Relax, I DO still have brains in my head!)

So, that’s what I’ve been up to this week.

Ultimately, saying “yes” and allowing my life to be braided with that of others, and with my community, in ways that I may have missed out on, had I not just opened myself and my heart to doing …anything.

I’m liking this adventure.

I’m liking it very much.

Now, I’m off to clean house for a very lovely, lovely lady.

Enjoy your weekends, Friends!


©juliet dewal etc etc

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