Fun for all!

fun for allIt’s Wednesday, it’s 42ºC outside (with the humidex) and I’m hiding away in the Sweet Escapes café, staying cool and writing a book.
I’ve been missing from here again, and for that, I’m sorry. Work has been busy, home has been busy and even my days off have been busy.
It’s high time I write something for here.

So here goes… it’ll be quick, as I’ve got places to go later, and currently, my hair looks like animals have nested in it, so for the sake of my child, I’ve gotta go tame it.

First and foremost, there was the amazing month of June. Birthdays and Graduation and Prom. I was going to write a post about all of that, but every time I sit down to do it, I stop. There’s something hugely personal and sweet that takes place in those days of watching your child step forth into adulthood that I really do want to write about… just not yet. I want to inhale every moment of it first, and frankly, every time I think about seeing James in his cap and gown, walking into the room and forth into adulthood, well… ugly-cry.
I will, however, add these pics so we can all ooooh and ahhhh over my handsome son and his prom date, Cassie.


Mom Tours. I’ve  been traveling Ontario with or following after James’ team this summer. He’s playing Rep Rugby for the city of Belleville, and I’m the official Photo Mom , not only, but have graduated to driver the tour bus. So weekly, you can see poor Old Christine groaning down the highway with an added 1500lbs of men in the back. I’ve had some of the most hilarious conversations and some of the most heartwarming moments driving around with those boys.
I’ve also been the parent elected to pick them up after certain parties on the Rez. Most of those conversations have been amazingly insightful and rather breathtakingly funny.


Workin’ for a living. As you know, I have been gainfully employed in the beautiful world of Grafton. I work with some truly inspirational and very funny people. We genuinely like one another, and have good times all day long. And as I also get to meet many new people a day, there’s a lot of talkin’ going on. I drive a long distance to work, and sometimes, by the time I’m home at night, I don’t have enough leftover words for the page.


Sitting around in coffee shops with Nick Foley. Well, it’s not really Nick’s fault, as we’ve only accidentally been sitting around in coffee shops getting parking tickets twice now, but the truth is, every week, I get out of the house on one of my days off, and head downtown to my favourite spot, Café Sweet Escapes. If there’s a Cheers in my life, the Sweet Escapes is it. They know me by name, but more importantly, by my coffee (Headstrong, of course) and let me sit on the sofa all day, avoiding the heat and engaging in conversations which go from inspirational teenagers to sweatshops to, well, things that would make you shake your head. Last week, after chattin’ it up with Nick I was so inspired, I went home and made some major decisions that will allow me to go forward into great Word Laboratory™ things!

In fact, you should stop reading this and head over to see what kind of things Nick gets up to over at Celebrate the Hero.


Drama for your Momma! This part is tied for awesomeness with hanging out with the boys on the side.
After far too many years away from the theatre, I am back on the stage, playing Elvira in the Brighton Barn Theatre’s upcoming showing of Blithe Spirit! I’m so happy and excited about this, and will definitely post something longer about this, but hooray for me! Two evenings and one afternoon of my week are spent at rehearsals, living life so fully and with so much passion, I’m just… happy.
Amazingly, amazingly happy. I’ll post more about this next time (within a week, I promise!) but for now, I’ll say that I’m amazed and so glad that certain dreams don’t die, that some opportunities once lost return.


And now, I must run and subdue my hair, before loading up the van with the guys for tonight’s roadtrip!

Be well, have fun, and go to Sweet Escapes, and go support Celebrate the Hero.

And STAY COOL! It’s crazy out there!


©2013  juliet dewal

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