the littlest birds

littlebirdsA snippet of my road trip (running out of battery and Wifi access on the road today!)

The man beside me is singing songs, loudly, at his booth at Tim Horton’s. He periodically shakes his head and then says, “It’s the same as crying. It’s the same as crying. Singing. It’s the same as crying.” Then he sings again. Then he says “I have co-op this afternoon. I can just sing. It’s the same as crying. No one knows. It’s the same as crying.”

He then came and sat beside me in my booth. “Do you mind if I sit here? You’re a stranger but I think you are friendly”.
I said he was welcome to join me.
“What’s your favourite song?” I asked.
“Ones that aren’t crying” he said.

“What song have you been singing?” he asked me, so I taught him “The Littlest Birds”.
“That’s a very happy sad song!” he exclaimed.

He brought over his pamphlet to show me. He then taught me all about Salt Spring Island, a place he’s never been, but has studied extensively on YouTube.

He then took over my computer and showed me all kinds of videos of palm trees. He made me take his picture with his pamphlet and then told me never to trust the internet, because people in this world wouldn’t understand me or treat me nicely.

Then, he said “I don’t want to break your heart and let you get attached to me since you don’t even live here. We can’t get attached.”
And left.
Five minutes later, he came back with soup and sat back down, saying “It’s almost summer in Salt Spring Island. Look up the weather and see, and then I have to leave you. For real this time. I’m going home now, bye. You can’t follow me.”


Then left, singing The Littlest Birds.

I can’t express how much I enjoyed this morning.
I’ve had such a great road trip. More to come in time…

For now, I’m off to watch James play in the Gold Medal OFFSA game (yes, they’ve come THAT far!)


© 2013 juliet dewal etc etc

5 thoughts on “the littlest birds

  1. I feel like I’m on this road trip with you this week Juliet. Love reading what you’ve been up to each day and hearing the stories of the new people you have met 🙂

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  3. Hello Juliet it was Jos. Campbell who insisted that what one must do is “follow [her] bliss” and so you are….lovely to meet you today

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