hello, darlings

Woman portrait with orange hairstyle, summer style  for your desWhat the what? It’s been over a month since I’ve posted! What’s wrong with me?! I’m always going on about how busy things are, but this time it’s really, really been so true. Work and all kinds of writing projects and life things and… wow, so long. A month. What the what?!

It’s Sunday morning, I’m somehow almost ready for work… oh, nope, I didn’t get any further than that. It’s now Sunday evening, I’m home from work and frankly, so lazy that I may not move from this spot on the sofa for the rest of the evening.

Anyhow, in response to the many email asking where the Friday roundups have been. And because I can’t bear to disappoint all both of you, I’m back—we’ll call this one the monthly round up and I’ll get my butt in gear with weekly posts again (and actually, have a few drafts of posts to share really soon).


Some Things I Loved:

  1. Watching my son and his team win yet another rugby championship and waking up to see his giant self on the front page of the paper.
  2. Nature’s Song—The return of lilacs, baby birds, a newly-born foal, brand-new baby lambs. A morning spent walking along the Bay, watching swan glide and sweep in the morning.
  3. Sunday morning coffee visits with Chanel.
  4. A Saturday afternoon spent at the farm, visiting and laughing (a bit of the laughter was at Chanel’s expense, as she fell in manure).
  5. Seeing some of the most brave and amazing women I know push forward into new things in life. I love that. It’s inspiring to watch as they take risks and embrace change and chance and challenges. They rock.
  6. Being on the receiving end of my son’s humour. Sending random videos and photos back and forth via Snapchat.
  7. Ontario. Seriously. It’s so beautiful in this province. Each day, I drive 40 minutes both ways, and I’m constantly struck by how incredibly gorgeous this land is. Amazing.
  8. Twice now, I’ve fallen asleep to the sounds of thunder storms. I find it soothing and so, so restful.
  9. Road trips with my girl friends, tv show marathons and taking over the basement.
  10. Watching Lars and the Real Girl AND Big Fish on the same day. It’s my May Day custom to watch Big Fish. I just threw Lars in there for awesomeness squared.

Some Things I Didn’t So Much Love:

  1. Saying “goodbye” to some awesome men and women I’ve come to know.
  2. James’ broken nose (rugby) and the following week, when we thought he’d broken his hand (also rugby). (But his hand wasn’t broken, and his nose is broken, but he could still play during the next few games.)
  3. Laundry overload. I need Rosie Jetson. Pretty quickly.
  4. Feeling like I’m two steps behind and there’s not enough time. I have so many notes to write and email to read/respond to… and bed is so damned comfy!
  5. Finishing up a hand lettered sign and then some stupid snow wrecked it. SNOW. On May whatever the date was three days ago. May 23rd. Snow.
  6. That hedgehog still wakes me up too often. I have taken to waking it at 9:30pm in an attempt to reset its whole nocturnal, evil demon-ishness, but it won’t work.
  7. I’m trying to cut myself down to just one cup of coffee per day. Which is generally fine. But I can’t say I love it.
  8. Razor burn. Did I say that already? Yeah, I’m really against it.
  9. I’m also pretty much unimpressed with dishes. And cleaning out my van. But I have to do both. Soon.
  10. All the ups and downs in the weather gave me a migraine or two during the last few weeks. I can’t say that was fun.

Some Things I Spent Too Much Time Daydreaming About:

  1. Tattoos. I’m totally into planning out my next tattoo. Except then I end up with five or six ideas. I even dream about them. It’s very fun. But very not practical at this point. Except they’re so awesome.
  2. How I’d fend off robbers, should they come into the shop at night when I’m counting the till change. Truthfully, they wouldn’t stand a chance. I’m wily and also, I’ve decided I’d swallow the key to the cash register. I may, potentially, spend a bit too much time alone.
  3. Bradley Cooper. I don’t even know why. Sometimes, he annoys me. But sometimes… well, none of your business.
  4. Iceland. I’m never really going to stop daydreaming about Iceland, since future-Juliet lives there, but I do probably have to stop trying to teach myself the language. I’m pretty much positive that my belief that I’m actually learning Icelandic is very, very wrong, and I’m going to get there and I’m just going to sound like the Sweedish Chef.  (See also: Drunk Kitchen.)
  5. Graduation. James’, not mine. I keep practicing how it’ll go, because I so badly want to be a good mother, and not stand there bawling like a walrus.
  6. The characters in the play I’m writing. I kinda like them more than most of the people I know.
  7. Steak. I really think I might break down one of these days, leave work and drive to The Keg.
  8. Also, lobster. So, so much of the lobster.
  9. Summertime. Like full-on, heatwave, beach-going, coconut oil smelling summertime. Bliss.
  10. I don’t know if it’s daydreamish, per se, but I do spend a lot of time driving along the hiway, thinking about where the other drivers are going to, or from. I like the feeling that we’re all out there, on our journeys, mapping out new places and spaces for ourselves.


And now, my friends, I’m heading to bed. It’s been a looooong day.

I’ll leave you with some great pics from my past few weeks.




So crazy to think this little face is about to turn 18 in a few weeks!



I love this face.


Who says white men can’t jump?

Like the wind.

Like the wind.


Those legs!


Blessed am I among women.
I love this kid. So. Much.

A lazy Monday afternoon.


Off the beaten path…


Quiet mornings along the Bay


Sunshine came softly




Daydream believer


Beside still waters


Where my love lies, waiting


Good night, friends. Love one another, deeply, with kindness, compassion and understanding.


Words and images © Juliet deWal / The Word Laboratory
Don’t steal. It’s not nice.



3 thoughts on “hello, darlings

  1. Just to clarify—I’d only swallow the key to the cash register IF a robber came in.
    I’m not deciding to swallow it randomly.
    But also, please don’t come by the shop to scare me into thinking you’re a robber, just to see me swallow the key.
    Why would you even do that?

  2. oh hello !!!!!!!!!! what ???did you say something?wait,,,,, yup you did…..as for the key lol im not even gonna say a thing,,,,swallow the key??????? im still scratching my head!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS JAMES

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